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The OPTOKON Group and SAMM Teknoloji Announce Partnership for the FOTAS Fiber Sensing System 



The OPTOKON Group with its headquarters in the Czech Republic and SAMM Teknoloji of Turkey are pleased to announce a strategic partnership for the fiber optic based distributed acoustic sensing system FOTAS.


SAMM Teknoloji and OPTOKON Elektronik, the subsidiary of the OPTOKON Group, will be in a technology and product development partnership for mission-critical applications as well as providing business development and solutions to their clients. The FOTAS system will also be distributed by the OPTOKON GROUP.

Cooperation  between OPTOKON Elektronik & LEMO-Middle East

The OPTOKON Group is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation  between OPTOKON, a.s. and LEMO-Middle East. The Memorandum was signed in December 2021 and covers  research and development plus business development for parts of Europe and the Middle East.
As part of the deepening relationship, OPTOKON Elektronik, a member of the OPTOKON Group, has become a  business partner for LEMO  products in  the Turkish  market .

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